Are you in judgement of who you want to be?

As I did my affirmations today, I noticed a funny feeling when I touched upon a certain subject.  Although I often talk about how we need to check our alignment when saying our affirmations, this one didn’t hit me until I actually got closer to having this particular thing.  I would not like the person I would be if I had what I was asking for.  And not necessarily because I think that person is bad, but because I think everyone else around me would think badly of the girl who’s life is easy, flowing and abundant.  I see others who have the lifestyle I want and although I am happy for them and not envious and not judgmental, I see other people that are and THAT has thrown me out of alignment with what I want.  

With awareness of this block, I can now use my formula to clear this issue once and for all, bringing me into the state of manifesting it fully. 

How do you feel about people that have all that you think you want?  If you are judging and envious of them, realize that they are simply a great example of how it is possible and if it’s possible for them, it’s possible for you!  If you are not judging them, think of yourself in their position.  How does it feel?  Do you like yourself?  If not, take steps to love yourself and expect manifestation to happen quickly!  The 6 steps of The Secret Formula can get you there! 

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