Angel numbers

It’s been kind of a recent thing that I discovered angels and the way they talk to you through numbers if you are a visual person.  Angel Numbers 101 by Doreen Virtue is an excellent reference for these numbers and a way that angels can communicate with you once there is a “language” between you.

The numbers I see most are 44 and 11 and I had a funny experience a few minutes ago that blew me away.

Yesterday I had been doing some reading from my iPad about something I’m interested in doing to expand my business.  There is one page I wanted to remember, so I took a screen shot and emailed it to myself.

I was just looking at that screen shot and noticed the page number on the page I was interested in, which was 144.  I wondered if the 44 was confirmation that I should be doing this particular work and then I looked at the clock.  It was 1:44!  I was shocked!  I’d say that that’s all the confirmation I need!

If there are numbers you see on a regular basis, I highly recommend the book by Doreen Virtue!

Transforming a negative reaction

I don’t know about you, but I’m one to be quick to eliminate people from my life when they don’t seem to be compatible. 

The problem is that these people may be bringing a lesson I need to learn. 

Eliminating them from my life is a reaction to negative emotions and I miss the lesson if I make rash decisions from a negative place. 

Yes it’s true, there are times when I come close to forgetting about my own formula. 

The right thing to do is to take a step back and find out what it is about the situation I don’t like.  Negative emotions are my indicator of what I don’t want, and therefore, if I step back from the negative emotion, I can decide just what it is I do want.

And if you give the universe enough wiggle room in letting it know what you want, you just might be able to have it all.  In other words, look at the big picture.  Look at the essence of what you want and focus on that.  And then use The Secret Formula to make it happen.