Transforming a negative reaction

I don’t know about you, but I’m one to be quick to eliminate people from my life when they don’t seem to be compatible. 

The problem is that these people may be bringing a lesson I need to learn. 

Eliminating them from my life is a reaction to negative emotions and I miss the lesson if I make rash decisions from a negative place. 

Yes it’s true, there are times when I come close to forgetting about my own formula. 

The right thing to do is to take a step back and find out what it is about the situation I don’t like.  Negative emotions are my indicator of what I don’t want, and therefore, if I step back from the negative emotion, I can decide just what it is I do want.

And if you give the universe enough wiggle room in letting it know what you want, you just might be able to have it all.  In other words, look at the big picture.  Look at the essence of what you want and focus on that.  And then use The Secret Formula to make it happen.

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