Angel numbers

It’s been kind of a recent thing that I discovered angels and the way they talk to you through numbers if you are a visual person.  Angel Numbers 101 by Doreen Virtue is an excellent reference for these numbers and a way that angels can communicate with you once there is a “language” between you.

The numbers I see most are 44 and 11 and I had a funny experience a few minutes ago that blew me away.

Yesterday I had been doing some reading from my iPad about something I’m interested in doing to expand my business.  There is one page I wanted to remember, so I took a screen shot and emailed it to myself.

I was just looking at that screen shot and noticed the page number on the page I was interested in, which was 144.  I wondered if the 44 was confirmation that I should be doing this particular work and then I looked at the clock.  It was 1:44!  I was shocked!  I’d say that that’s all the confirmation I need!

If there are numbers you see on a regular basis, I highly recommend the book by Doreen Virtue!

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